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Studio Sessions For Psychedelic Strawberry Shortcake - April 29, 2015

Featuring RJ on lead electric guitar, Josh Venerable​ on drums, Elana Mie Scheiner​ on Cello & Emily Musolino​, as producer, engineer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, & keyboardist for the new EP by Mysti Mayhem, Psychedelic Strawberry Shortcake, courtesy of KICKSTARTER. Mysti Mayhem Official Website Emily Musolino Official Website Elana Scheiner FB Josh Venerable on FB KICKSTARTER PROJECT

Mysti Mayhem In Episode 9 "Hazee Hazel" by Kanka Sorz - April 20, 2015

KANKA SORZ: Episode Nine- Hazee Hazel

Sir-Vive and Johnny G run into some trouble with a struggling street musician

Watch episodes of Kanka Sorz: On Twitter: @KankaSorz
On Facebook:

Starring Don Sill & John Grant

Special guest appearance by:
Tom Gore
Misti Mayhem

Directed by Don Sill
Camera by Ryan Savin
Sound by Sophia Giovinazzo
Music by John Grant

Special thanks to and Twin Maples Media
Red Storm Entertainment

Mysti Mayhem Performs At PNC Arena & Women's Empowerment 2015 - April 20, 2015

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